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What is the spring break?

During these days, some of our student-athletes have already started the “spring break”. To begin with, in case you don’t know what spring break is, we are going to explain it. It is a week in which students from North American universities have a party and have fun.

This tradition started in 1933, although the meaning was not the same as it is now. At first it was a week to travel with the sports team and thus strengthen the trust between the players. Over time the meaning has changed drastically and now it is a week of fun with your friends and disconnection from classes and obligations.

There is no exact date for spring break, each university establishes its own calendar, what we can say is that the vast majority celebrate it during the month of March.
Another doubt is usually the destination of the trips. The destination is decided taking into account the objective of the trip. Normally, students seek to have fun with this trip, so the most frequent destinations are usually beach places, such as Cancun. But if your goal is a cultural trip you can go to New York, for example.

Finally, over the years, just like other North American traditions, they have been adopted in other countries. Some countries that have adopted spring break are Canada, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico.

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