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If you have any questions or if you are interested in studying any university degree in the USA

Do you have a high school degree or a US university degree that needs to be apostilled?


I-Con Sports helps you to get The Hague Apostille in the fastest and safest way so, your academic documents are legal and recognized in Spain.

What is the apostille and why do I need it?

The purpose of the Apostille is “to eliminate the requirement of diplomatic or consular legalization of foreign public documents.” Once the Apostille is completed, it certifies the authenticity of the signature that is placed on the public documents issued in the United States. With this stamp, the content of the document is authenticated and recognized in Spain.


The apostille process can be slow and complex. At I-Con Sports we give all the support, managing all your documents to guarantee a successful application, giving legal validity to all your American titles in Spain.


US University High School Title

Original document


The Hague Apostille

Administrative Processing


Spanish Title

Apostilled Document

What do we do?

Original documents

    • If you provide us with the original documents, we will ensure that the original documents are notarized.
    • We will take the notarized document to the County Clerk to issue the official certificate.
    • Once we receive the “County Clerk Certification”, we will send the documentation to the corresponding Department of State, to receive the apostille of authenticity.
    • Once the process is completed, we will send your documentation with the Hague apostille to your address by private express mail.

Photocopied documents

    • In case of emergency and / or you cannot deliver the original documents to us, we take care of sending the scanned documents in color to a notary public to receive the affidavit.
    • We will send the documentation to the county clerk of your institution to obtain the certification of that county.
    • Once the “County Clerk Certification” has been received, all the documentation to process the apostilla, will be sent to the “New York Secretary of State”.
    • Once the administrative procedure is completed, we will send you the documentation by private express mail to your address.

What documents do we apostille?

High School Diplomas and school transcripts from any state in the United States

University degrees and university academic records from any state in the United States

GED Titles

MBA, Masters or PhD degrees from any state in the United States

Free academic document evaluation

Not sure if your academic documents can be apostilled? Upload a copy and in 24-48 hours, we will send you a personalized budget.

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    From I-Con Sports, we offer the possibility to do Summer camps at specific summer campuses for each sport (tennis, soccer, golf, basketball, etc.) in different locations in the USA. A unique opportunity to improve your English, train and make a first immersion into the American culture.

    I-Con Sports carries out the process of incorporation into American High Schools, both for non-sports students and for students who want to study at an American school while competing on the university sports team. These are private schools, the cost of which varies considerably from one to the other. I-Con will search for High Schools that meet the student’s academic, sports and financial needs, and will be responsible for planning the entrance exams and the college admission procedure.

    Territorial scope: All of the United States.

    Lodging: In American families near the school or in residences within the school grounds.

    Courses: 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th American High School courses, which correspond to 2nd and 3rd of ESO and 1st and 2nd of Baccalaureate, respectively.

    English: Medium level.

    When to start: To enjoy the best possibilities, the student should contact us 1 year in advance.

    I-Con Sports offers preparatory classes for the SAT and TOEFL exams with native teachers through the ‘ Bee Tutored ‘ tutoring service, which can be in person or online. We also take care of the necessary steps to enroll students for each exam.

    From I-Con Sports, we carry out the process of incorporation into American universities for students who have already started university in Spain or in the USA and need to transfer their academic record. If they are athletes, we help them find a university where they can continue their studies while competing on the university team. We recommend starting this process in advance to get the maximum number of options possible.

    At I-Con Sports organize annual guided trips to the USA for student-athletes with the aim of visiting universities and witnessing, for a few days, the life of university athletes. Normally, we focus on the trip being in 1 or 2 states to facilitate travel. It is a very good opportunity to speak directly with coaches, academic advisors or with the admissions department of different universities, and to visit facilities such as residences, classes or cafes.

    A program for students who want to study at a university in the USA, without having to be part of the university’s sports team. I-Con Sports will search for the universities that adapt to the academic and economic needs of the student, taking into account other desired aspects such as the geographical scope, size of the university, public or private, etc. I-Con Sports will also be responsible for seeking academic scholarships for those students who meet the requirements of each university.

    Territorial scope: All of the United States.

    Lodging: In residences within the campus of the university, or in apartments nearby.

    Degree: Any university degree.

    Requirements: Baccalaureate completed and a minimum level of English to pass the entrance exams.

    When to start: The student must contact us 1 and a half years in advance, to enjoy the maximum opportunities in terms of universities and academic scholarships.

    Annual cost of universities: From $15,000 to $65,000 (all inclusive: studies, residence, meals, books, etc.)

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