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All about scholarships

Why do the US Universities Offer Athletic Scholarships?

Sports competition is an essential part of the American life. Educational institutions incorporate sports programs with scholarships where their students compete in intercollegiate leagues from a very young age. The culmination of this phenomenon occurs in North American Sports University, which is unique in the world. USA Universities compete among themselves at a very high level, attracting a huge number of media and local fans, followers of teams at a level that can be compared to the followers of professional soccer teams in Europe, which translates into high income for the University.

To achieve the best results, universities recruit players from all over the world  through scholarships, as long as they meet the necessary requirements to compete in the US university leagues. Since the US university system does not allow payments to the athletes, universities offer them sports scholarships to finance their studies, in universities that can cost $ 60,000 a year. Student-athletes are treated like true professional athletes.

The I-Con Sports University Placement Service incorporate their students to US universities, look for the best universities for each player and also the maximum athletics scholarships they can achieve, known as The I-Con Difference.

College football teams fill stadiums of more than 100,000 people, some with a waiting list of up to 10 years to buy seasonal tickets.

What is a full scholarship

A full athletic scholarship covers all the expenses of the university, like:

Enrolment and fees




Training and Competitions

Sport Equipment

Competition Trips

Academic Tutors

Sports Medical Assistance

The only thing that a full scholarship does not cover is the round-trip flight from the origin place to the university, personal expenses and, in some cases, private medical insurance. Athletes who do not receive a full scholarship (100%) will receive a % of the annualcosts of the university.

Possibility to combine an Athletic Scholarship with an Academic Scholarship


Academic results are very important when joining the American system, due to:

The University Leagues Associations (NCAA / NAIA / NJCAA) require minimum grades from school and in the admissions exams (SAT and TOEFL), to be able to join these leagues.

Each university has minimum academic requirements to be able to enroll in it.

If the school grades (the last 4 years of High School) and the results of the admissions exams are very good, some universities may offer academic scholarships.

Therefore, an academic scholarship can be obtained and combined with the athletic scholarship, obtaining a higher total scholarship.

Maximum Number of Scholarships per Sport

Regardless of the university’s resources, the rules of the university leagues in the USA determine a maximum number of scholarships per year that each team can offer.
More information at: Maximum scholarships per sport.

Factors that Determine the Scholarship amount


School grades

Admission exams (SAT y TOEFL)

The university budget


Players sports level

Results in competitions

National and international ranking

University team level

University team budget



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