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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about how I-Con Sports works

What is SAT?

SAT means “Scholastic Aptitude Test” and is required by most North American universities as a requirement for admission to the university. Also, it is required by the NCAA for all athletes to determine their eligibility.

What's the diffence between SAT Reasoning Test and Subject Test?

The SAT Reasoning Test is designed to know a student’s critical thinking ability. The purpose is to assess the student’s ability to join the university. The SAT Subject Test is designed to assess student knowledge in specific areas of study. There are five areas covered by the SAT Subject Tests: English, History and Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Languages.

What SAT should i take?

You must take the SAT Reasoning Test, which covers questions in a general way and is easier for international students.

What content does the SAT exam contain?

The SAT has three parts: critical reading, math, and writing (optional). The final grade consists of the sum of each section, which can range between 200 and 800 points each.

What does the SAT Reasoning Test cover?

The SAT Reasoning Test consists of three parts, which is: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The final grade consists of the sum of each of the parts, which ranges from 200 to 800 points each.

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL means Test of English as a Foreign Language. The TOEFL exam evaluates the student’s English skills and is required by most North American universities for those international students who do not speak English as their native language.

What is TOEFL IBT?

TOEFL IBT means Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet Based Test. It is required by most universities in the USA for those international students who do not have English as their native language. The TOEFL IBT evaluates the student’s ability to read, listen, speak, and write the English language and lasts for approximately 4½ hours. It is offered 30 to 40 times a year in centers in different cities around the world and is done on a computer.

How long can i get an athletic scholarship for?

Generally, you are eligible to receive an athletic scholarship for 4 years, which is the duration of a university degree in the USA. However, there are exceptions that make this period longer.

When should i start to contact I-Con Sports?

The best age to contact us and start the process is when you are between 16 and 17 years old. So, we can have everything ready for when you finish High School and you can benefit from the maximum eligibility. Remember that the NCAA is very strict regarding age and eligibility. The earlier you contact us, the higher and better your chances are of being recruited by your desired university.

Can i get an athletic scholarship that covers 100% of my expenses?

Sports scholarships are limited by each team, and therefore coaches must distribute them logically and fairly among their players. There are more possibilities to get a full scholarship if the sports level is high.

Why is it easier for women to get a 100% athletic scholarship?

It is easier to get a full 100% athletic scholarship for women due to the regulation of the Title IX of the Education Amendments. This law states that women’s college sports programs must receive the same number of sports scholarships as men’s programs. As a result, all scholarships received by men’s programs like American football or baseball are distributed evenly among other women’s sports programs.

What is the difference between NCAA Division I,II, and III?

The NCAA is divided into 3 divisions.

Division I: It is the most competitive in the sports aspect, they have the highest number of sports scholarships and the largest budget for their sports programs.

Division II: Universities in this category are generally smaller and offer less athletic scholarships to athletes.

Division III: Universities in Division III do not offer athletic scholarships, only academic scholarships.

The NCAA has different rules regarding age, academic requirements, and eligibility to compete in each of the Divisions.

How can i know what my chances are of receiving an athletic scholarship in a US University?

The I-Con team will evaluate your ranking, league, division or personal marks and after seeing you practice your sport (in person or on video), we will determine your possibilities.

What opportunities do i have after graduating from a US University?

After graduating you have a wide variety of options:

  • Apply for the OPT Program: You will have the possibility to do an internship for one year after graduating.
  • Make the leap to professional: The university competition is a perfect setting for scouts of professional teams and future sponsors.
  • Continue studying (Master / Graduate School): By either taking advantage of the scholarships for this type of study offered to students with merits or while working as an Assistant Coach, in order to have your studies covered (Graduate Assistant ).
  • Back to your country of origin: You will return with an excellent CV and a high knowledge of English that will give you a competitive advantage in the labor market.

How much does an American University cost?

The total cost of University ranges from $22,000 – $70,000 a year. Therefore, the percentage to be covered will vary depending on the total cost of the university.

Where will i live if i study at a University in the USA?

Generally, freshmen must live in on-campus residences. After the first year, they can choose to live on campus or in an apartment outside the university.

Can my scholarship be reduced or increased?

Yes, scholarships can be increased or decreased and are renewed annually based on various factors:

  • Sports Performance
  • Academic Performance
  • Disciplinary Conduct

Generally, coaches do not reduce the scholarship if you try your best in training and competitions, if you are disciplined and maintain a good level of academic grades.

Whay universities does I-Con Sports contact?

I-Con Sports has connections with all the American universities that offer scholarships. However, depending on your sports and academic level, we will contact those universities that best fit your profile.

What level of training should i expect from American universities?

Even if you are considered an amateur athlete, you will receive training of a very high professional level with experienced technical staff and in the best facilities. You will train 5 to 6 days a week for 2-3 hours in addition to physical preparation in the gym. During the season, normally concentrated on in a semester, you will be continuously competing.

What costs are not covered in a 100% scholarship?

The only cost you would incur is your plane ticket to the university. At some universities, you would also have to cover international health insurance.

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