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What is the spring break?

During these days, some of our student-athletes have already started the “spring break”. To begin with, in case you don't know what spring break is, we are going to explain it. It is a week in which students from North American universities have a party and have fun. This tradition started in 1933, although the meaning was not the same as it is now. At first it was a week to travel with the sports team and thus strengthen the trust...


TCU become Champions of the Division I

TCU players become champions of Division I. Last Monday, February 21, the final of the Division I Men's Indoor National Championship was played between TCU and Tennessee. TCU currently ranks fourth in the nation, while Tennessee ranks third. During the season the two teams had very even results (TCU 12-1 and Tennessee 11-2) so everything indicated that this match was going to be very close. Finally, the TCU “frogs” became champions with a result of 4-1. Although it seems like a...


Presentation at Tennis Club Barcino

Last Friday, February 11, we went to make a presentation at the Barcino Tennis Club, with which we have collaborated for a few years now. The presentation was made by Sara. One of our colleagues who lived the experience of being able to go to the United States to study and compete 1 year ago. She went to study at Mississippi State, a great Division 1 university and competed against the best players in the nation. She explained to them...



Once Christmas is over, our student-athletes have returned to the United States to prepare for the new spring season. These last 3 weeks have been preparing for the new season for the veterans and adapting for the newer ones, most of whom have just gone through the biggest change of their lives so far. Going from living at home with their parents, to going to live in a country far from home, with unknown people and with another language. Because...


Why study in USA

Wanting to study in USA is becoming more and more common, but there are still people who do not know the reasons why you should do it. Here is a list of the top 7. 1. You will improve your english level Living and studying in the USA  will force you to speak English in your day-to-day life. This will help you become more fluent in the language and improve your level over time. 2. First category educational system The United States has one...

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SAT Reasoning Test

What is the SAT reasoning test? The SAT reasoning test is an entrance exam to the universities of the United States where the preparation of the students for the university academic level is evaluated. Most universities in the United States require this exam as a test to know the level of each student. How is the exam? The exam consists of 2 sections: Mathematics and Reading. Although they are two very different sections, the purpose of both parts is the same, to measure...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in the United States. It is one of the few holidays that all citizens celebrate, regardless of their ideology, ideals, religion, etc. In fact, no religious ceremony is celebrated on this holiday. It is a day to meet with family, friends and the other loved ones. The fact that everyone is united is so important that some families invite people who do not have someone to meet up with to their home...


¿Ir a college está reñido con tener el nivel para llegar a lo más alto del ranking ATP?

Mi nombre es Roger Ordeig, y desde hace 5 años trabajo en I-Con Sports. Fui jugador de East Tennessee State University (ETSU), una universidad de primera división, dónde me dieron la oportunidad de seguir mejorando mi nivel de tenis, y por encima de todo, sentir que seguía con mi sueño de llegar a ser tenista profesional. Y obviamente, mientras perseguía este sueño, estaba estudiando una carrera universitaria. De hecho, pude hacer 2 carreras en 5 años, algo que nunca me hubiera...

Agreement with Club Tenis Manresa

New agreement with Club Tenis Manresa

We are proud to announce that we have closed a collaboration agreement with the Club Tenis Manresa with the aim of helping all tennis players from the competition school to obtain sports scholarships at US universities so that they can continue to compete at the highest level while studying a university degree .    ...

Entrevista I-Con: Andrés Carrasco (University of Arizona)

Andrés Carrasco empezó a jugar a tenis desde bien pequeño en Cabrils, su pueblo natal, y con 19 años decidió irse becado a USA gracias a la oportunidad que le brindó I-Con Sports. Estudió y compitió en University of Arizona, una universidad con un gran prestigio deportivo y académico. Tras graduarse, emprendió una nueva aventura en Inglaterra, también becado, donde estudió un master y siguió disfrutando del tenis compitiendo por la Universidad de Durham. A lo largo del camino, Andrés...

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